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Brief summary for our contents

Feature of the Uragami-works graphic kit

  • The Most characteristic of our kits is extremely easy to affix, owing to the excellent cutting works of our products. There is less chance for you to search the heat-gun or heater.
  • The thickness is 140 microns. It is not suitable for off road due to thinness.
  • You can change the color as an option.
  • You can check the status of your ordered-product in our site.

How to order

  1. Please make a registration.
  2. Please email us (support(at) your username and order details.
  3. We will send the URL by email and this URL allows you to confirm your requests are reflected and provides the estimate amount also.
  4. Communicating with you on the site, we will make adjustments as per your request.
  5. Once you are satisfied with our design, please make the payment with PayPal.
  6. After confirming your payment, your order will be placed.
    As soon as its done, your graphic kit will be delivered to you.